Diversity Council

President Mary Sue Coleman established the Diversity Council in 2003 to assess, encourage, and celebrate diversity initiatives. The Council's mission is to offer “expertise and guidance to promote the pursuit and dissemination of essential knowledge and skills that foster effective participation in a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive University community.” Council members are drawn from the ranks of faculty and staff who are engaged in research, teaching, and practices that strengthen diversity skills and champion inclusion and equity. Some members represent Schools or Colleges; others represent units of central administration.

The Council is a principal advisory body to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Lester Monts. The Council’s work includes university-wide diversity summits; encouragement of diversity initiatives through a grants program; and the systematic exchange of information, strategies, and analyses regarding diversity benchmarks, programs, and outcomes. Council action subgroups include outreach, student success and retention, dissemination, and the relationship between globalization and diversity.