2018-2019 Marketing Toolkit

Are you in a position to publicize news and events associated with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategic plan? The downloadable templates below will ease the process for you while preserving the distinctive look and feel of the U-M brand.

Please take advantage of U-M’s Happening at Michigan Events Calendar to promote your diversity-related events. If you use the Diversity tag and/or the Diversity Strategic Plan tag, your events will also automatically show up here.

  • Strategic Plan Mark

    To save the .png file:

    1. Right click on the image
    2. Click “Save As…”
  • 2018-2019 Marketing Templates

    Email Templates

To edit and send the email:

  1. Click on the link of the template you prefer above
  2. Take your cursor and click on any part of the email template
  3. Hit ⌘ + A (or control + A for Windows) to ‘select all’ of the template
  4. Hit ⌘ + C (or control + C for Windows) to ‘copy’ the template
  5. Open a new email and hit ⌘ + V (or control + V for Windows) to ‘paste’ the template in the body of the email
  6. Edit the text as you see fit and send!

* Please note, you can drag and drop images in to the blue bar for the unit sponsor footer section, but you will need to center it and reduce the size. If not, please leave the section blue without the generic text.

For questions, please contact Rebecca Lowenstein at rlowen@umich.edu

  • Poster Templates

  • Flyer Templates

    To edit…

    1. Click on the link of the template you prefer
    2. Click on the “Download” button (below the “We’re sorry, the preview didn’t load. ZIP files are not currently supported.” message)
    3. Click on “Downloads” in your applications
    4. Double click on the zip file to unzip
    5. Double click on the folder
    6. Open the file you wish to edit


    1. .idml and .indd files will only open if you have InDesign installed on your computer
    2. Poster files are only in .idml and .indd
    3. When opening word files, please make sure you’re viewing “print layout” vs “web layout” (in the view tab)
  • Strategic Plan Website Badge

    To save the .png file:

    1. Right click on the image
    2. Click “Save As…”
  • Freedom of Speech posters

    • Spread Ideas Not Hate


    • Respect, Civility, Dignity


    • Listen More Judge Less


    • Incvite


    • ExInclude


    • Every Voice Counts


    • Enrgage


    • Encourage Dialogue Not Division


    • Appreciate Our Differences


Launch Assets

Year 1 Marketing Templates