• MHacks shapes the hackathon culture it helped create

    Since its inception in February 2013, MHacks, the university’s semi-annual event that helped spark the nation’s college hackathon movement, has grown from a just-for-fun challenge to a sophisticated operation that draws big sponsors and students from a variety of backgrounds. Hacks have gone from short-term creations to impressive longer-term ventures. Read the full story

  • Pay-to-play keeping kids on the sidelines

    The cost of school sports keeps many children from participating, according to the latest University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health (link is external). Many schools charge fees for students who participate in sports at the middle or high school level, often called “pay to play” fees. In this month’s poll, Read more

  • U-M Solar Car Team wins Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge

    An atypical U-M solar car squad raced in the inaugural Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge in typical U-M solar car fashion: finishing on top. The Solar Car Team, composed of U-M alumni and students, partnered with students from the University of Abu Dhabi to race its championship car, Quantum, against 15 teams from six continents. Read Read more

  • Japan’s high suicide rate is focus of ‘Saving 10,000’ event

    The Tojinbo cliffs and Aokigahara forest are among popular sites for Japanese who choose suicide, more than 80 in the country each day — a rate nearly double that of the United States. Suicides rose in tandem with Japan’s economic woes beginning in the late 1990s. Bankruptcy, job loss and other financial stressors felt especially Read more

  • MLK keynote speaker Hill calls on America to keep its promises

    America must keep its promises of liberty and equality carried in the Declaration of Independence and other iconic documents and laws that enshrine the nation’s history, Marc Lamont Hill said Monday in his keynote lecture for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium. Read the full story

  • Victors for Michigan: Transgender rights

    When the ruling came down in a high-profile gender identity discrimination case, Paul Southwick, ’09, and Cliff Davidson, ’06, recognized that it wasn’t everything they had hoped for. Still, they considered it a big win for their client, who had been expelled from a Christian college after revealing on a television show that she was Read more

  • U-M to host summit on postsecondary success among young men of color

    The university’s National Center for Institutional Diversity will convene a national summit  Jan. 29-30 on Ensuring Success for Men of Color: Leveraging Evidence to Drive Better Policy, Practice and Effective Investment. Read the full story

  • U-M pilot program confirms need to support student-athlete mental health

    A pilot program designed to raise awareness and encourage discussion about mental health issues among student-athletes at the University of Michigan has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response, a U-M team told the NCAA on Thursday. Read the full story

  • UMTRI part of nationwide study on safety of older drivers

    The U-M Transportation Research Institute is one of five national test sites selected by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to address the well-being of older drivers. Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) is a five-year $12 million project that will allow researchers to better understand the role of physical and cognitive functions, medical conditions, Read more

  • 2015 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium

    A rundown of stories in the Record’s special section about the 2015 MLK Symposium. Read the full story