2018 University of Michigan Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress Update

Working Together to Create a More Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Campus Community

We are all in this together. On the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, we are of many minds and many voices. But we are of one heart.

--President Mark Schlissel

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In September of 2015, as one of his first official acts as president, Mark Schlissel announced that creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus would be among his top priorities. Then he issued an audacious challenge to the entire U-M community:

Develop and implement the university’s first five-year diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan.

Given Michigan’s vast size and scope, this would be one of the largest, most ambitious and challenging endeavors of its kind in the nation. To ensure both progress and transparency, all participating units would generate an annual report on their initiatives, goals, outcomes, achievements, and challenges.

We have now completed two years of implementation as a campus and are heading into Year Three of the five-year DEI Plan. Fifty-one individual campus units - including Michigan Medicine and all 19 U-M schools and colleges - have DEI Plans. These plans include over 2,000 individual action items in addition to 37 Central University Action Items, each keyed to one of three overarching strategies and touching on virtually every aspect of campus life.

Our DEI initiative strives to:

The U-M DEI Plan in Action

U-M Units with DEI Plans

Year 3 Revised DEI Plans

2017/18 U-M DEI Actions - Status Update


central university actions


unit actions


In Progress


unit actions


In Progress

List of Year Two Unit Actions & Status

Progress Highlights

Year Two in our DEI Plan implementation was a time of intense action, engagement and assessment, with energy and effort from change agents at all levels of the university. We continued to embed DEI in the structures and processes of the university. As we start Year Three, we are starting to see the impact these efforts on students, staff and faculty. Below are just a handful of the multitude of initiatives underway to move us forward on our DEI goals and objectives.

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Wolverine Pathways

Go Blue Guarantee

Inclusive Teaching Initiative

Intercultural Development Inventory Pilot


Wolverine Pathways is an innovative pipeline program focused on college readiness for middle and high school students in Ypsilanti, Southfield and Detroit school districts. Scholars who complete the program, apply to the U-M and are admitted receive a full scholarship and are often eligible for additional financial aid.

The Go Blue Guarantee makes a U-M education more affordable for Michigan residents. Students whose family income is under $65,000 receive full tuition and fees for 4 years and often receive additional aid for housing and books.

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) has expanded its professional development programs to support faculty at all levels in building skills and curricula to support an inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of our diverse student body.

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) was piloted with a large cohort of students. The IDI assesses intercultural skills, defined as the ability to shift cultural perspective and adapt to cultural differences and commonalities. Going forward, the IDI will reach more students as well as faculty and staff and will include customized learning plans and intercultural training opportunities.

SuccessConnects is a holistic support program designed to enhance students' academic, social, cultural and personal development. While open to all students, the program offers coaching, peer-mentoring, workshops and resources to support the success of first generation students, underrepresented minorities and scholarship recipients in particular.

“Without Wolverine Pathways I would have a very hard time applying to any colleges and completing the FAFSA. Wolverine Pathways has helped me tremendously ...I am forever grateful!”

--Student Participant

“The ability to help kids come here from a lower socioeconomic level is fantastic! I mean, diversity of ideas is the most important thing.”

--Student Recipient

“The CRLT inclusive teaching workshop made me more aware of identity issues and better prepared to react to them in the classroom."

--Faculty Participant

“It forced me to critically think about how I engage with diversity issues and what about my own life and identities may be affecting those things, positively or negatively.”

--Student Participant

"Everyone was welcoming, and it's good to know I'm not alone...This program has eased some of my anxiety about school."

--Student Participant

Positive Change, Persistent Challenge

There is much evidence to support that DEI is now an integral part of this institution. Significant change is occurring at fundamental levels, with the potential for cascading effects. These changes cannot easily be undone. Yet despite our achievements, this past year was marked by incidents of bias and hate on campus and in our broader society. Our efforts to eradicate prejudice and support equity are ongoing and imperative.

As a result, we are confronted with dual realities:

  • Progress and Obstruction
  • Positive Change and Persistent Challenge

As a community, we have come a long way, and yet we have a long way yet to go. We cannot and we will not be deterred.

Robert M. Sellers, Vice Provost for Equity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer

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Our university cannot be excellent without being diverse in the broadest sense of that word, and we must ensure that our community provides all individuals with an equal opportunity to contribute and succeed.

--President Mark Schlissel