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With a community of nearly 45,000 individuals, students play a vital role in helping shape the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This page will help connect current and prospective students with campus resources such as the Office of Financial Aid, the Spectrum Center and the Program on Intergroup Relations.

If there’s a U-M resource you’re aware of that is not listed or you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact diversitymatters@umich.edu.

  • Adaptive Technology

    Computing and information technology assistance for people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

  • American Culture Department

    Education on the changing meanings of U.S. citizenship and national belonging, including a variety of ethnic studies programs, including Arab and Muslim American studies, Asian/Pacific Islander studies, Latina/o studies, African American studies and Native American studies.

  • Career Center

    The Career Center inspires and supports students to transition confidently beyond the University of Michigan by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of self discovery.

  • Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine – Health Disparities

    An intellectual gathering place of clinicians, social scientists, bioethicists, and all others interested in improving individual and societal health through research, education/outreach, and service.

  • Center for Educational Outreach

    Enhances educational outreach at the University of Michigan through the scholarship of engagement toward developing a diverse community of scholars: it supports faculty, staff and student groups in developing and implementing educational outreach programs.

  • Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach

    Prepares engineering students for successful careers in a global workforce. The center also provides leadership, expertise, and programs that promote and nurture diversity for all Michigan Engineering students.

  • Center for Social Impact

    Provides U-M students with practical skills and insights to tackle complex social challenges and catalyze a career in social impact.

  • Central Student Government

    Strives to provide valuable services, programs, and events to students at the University of Michigan. Each subunit of the CSG is tasked with specific purposes. The Student Assembly, within the legislative branch, serves to collectively represent the student voice at the University and to make decisions for the organization in a deliberative manner.

  • CEW+

    CEW+ navigates circumstantial barriers by providing academic, financial, and professional support to help individuals reach their personal potential. Established to support women through higher education, CEW+ lifts up women and all underserved communities at the University of Michigan and beyond. Through career and education counseling, student funding, workshops, events, and a diverse and welcoming community, CEW+ exists to empower.

  • Comprehensive Studies Program

    A comprehensive program of academic support for students with outstanding potential for success. The program offers a variety of academic support services, including the Summer Bridge Program, academic year course instruction, advising, tutoring, and freshmen interest groups.