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Reporting Templates & Reporting Form Links

Links to the DEI 1.0 Evaluation Reporting Templates and Reporting Forms are made available on this webpage. Units should plan to download and use the Reporting Templates BEFORE engaging with the online Reporting Forms.

The Reporting Templates will contain all of the questions that will be asked in the Reporting Forms, so unit DEI Leads are encouraged to distribute the Reporting Templates to their evaluation team and other unit members responsible for reporting on the unit’s DEI efforts. DEI Leads can collect all of the information needed to answer the questions BEFORE engaging with the online Reporting Forms. The Reporting Form links will direct DEI Leads to the Qualtrics platform where all questions will be answered and submitted online for each Phase of the DEI 1.0 Evaluation reporting process.

Reporting Templates may be downloaded from the links below. Reporting Form Links will be active or activated on the dates indicated.

DEI 1.0 Evaluation PhasesReporting Templates Reporting Form Links
Phase 1: Review and IdentifyPhase 1 TemplatePhase 1 Reporting Form
Phase 2: Select, Collect,
Analyze & Summarize
Phase 2: Part A
(DEI Metrics)
Phase 2, Part A TemplatePhase 2, Part A Reporting Form
Phase 2: Part B
(Climate Surveys)
Phase 2, Part B TemplatePhase 2, Part B Reporting Form (active on TBD)
Phase 2: Part C
(DEI Efforts)
Phase 2, Part C TemplatePhase 2, Part C Reporting Form
Phase 3: Reflect on DEI 1.0 and
Plan Initial Priorities for DEI 2.0
Phase 3 TemplatePhase 3 Reporting Form

All Reporting Forms must be submitted no later than May 31, 2022.