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DEI 1.0 Evaluation Toolkit Guide Information

The DEI 1.0 Evaluation Toolkit User Guide provides an overview of the unit self-evaluation process and proposed timeline for the evaluation year. In addition, it will make connections between the evaluation process and the work that units have done during DEI 1.0.

The Evaluation Toolkit Guide Information includes detailed information for these topics:

Evaluation Toolkit User Guide cover

Evaluation Toolkit User Guide

  • Introduction
      • History, Purpose, Audience
  • Overview of Unit Self-Evaluation
      • Unit Evaluation Team, Distal Objectives, Toolkit Terms, Evaluation Timeline
  • Phase 1: Review & Identify
      • Checklist – Update
      • Review DEI Efforts
      • Identify Data Needs
  • Phase 2: Select, Collect, Analyze & Summarize
      • Part A: DEI Metrics Reports
      • Part B: Climate Study Reports
      • Part C: Evaluate DEI Efforts
  • Phase 3: Reflect on DEI 1.0 & Plan Initial Priorities for DEI 2.0
  • Appendices (Quantitative & Qualitative: data collection, data analysis)