Defining Excellence

University of Michigan Medical School students sing “The Victors” during a recent commencement ceremony.

U-M offers opportunity, access through nationally renowned summer debate camp

In the same way that so many world-class University of Michigan programs use their sustained excellence to develop recruiting pipelines,…

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Breaking Down Barriers

Former Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong, the student body’s first openly gay leader, celebrates his election victory in 2010. Photo: Michigan Daily

Strategic Plan

Find out about U-M’s strategic planning process to enhance diversity, increase the inclusiveness of the academic community and promote greater equity throughout the campus.

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Leading Change

The Being Black at the University of Michigan (#BBUM) student movement had a series of meetings with U-M administrators that led to significant steps forward related to diversity and improving the climate on the Ann Arbor campus.

Letter from the President

“The University of Michigan cannot be excellent without being diverse in the broadest sense of that word. We also must ensure that our community allows all individuals an equal opportunity to thrive.”

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Opening Minds

Gaining global perspectives: U-M is ranked No. 6 in the nation for the total number of students studying abroad.

Resources & Programs

Learn from and about diversity, connect with the diverse communities both on and beyond campus and find resources and assistance.

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