Event SpaceRestroomsElevators and Stair AccessLactation RoomReflection Room & SpaceParkingRamp AccessSeating

Gallery in Hatcher

Single Stall Gender Inclusive & Accessible:

Use the “South elevators.”
To get there from Gallery, take North elevator to Floor 2, cross the large main central area to the South elevators, take to level 3, 4, 5, or 6.
North Building
North main entrance (Diag) :
Turn right passed the stairs for elevators.

Elevators in the North Stacks:
Follow the yellow line to access elevators in the stacks. South Building

South entrance (S. University Ave):
All elevators in this lobby will take you to floors 1-8 in the South Building
Elevator 1 (one the left) will take you to floors – 1-8 in the South Building as well as 2a, 3a and 4a in the North Stacks
Room 108B is a publicly accessible lactation room, located off of the anteroom of the first floor women’s restroom.

Contact Phillip Han if you have questions, at [email protected] or 734- 615-9421.
N/AParking is available in the South Forest Avenue Parking structure.

Metered parking may be available on State Street, Tappan Avenue, or East University Avenue. For additional details, see the Downtown Development Authority’s website.

Accessible-permit parking spaces are located in the driveway to the east of the library, off of South University Avenue. For maps and more information, visit U-M Parking and Transportation Services.
North main entrance (Diag):
Stairs and ramps, NOTE: ramps do not meet ADA Design Guidelines.
Door has automatic opener

South entrance (S. University Ave):
No incline
Door has automatic opener
NOTE: ramp does not meet ADA Design Guidelines

Hill Auditorium

N/ATwo elevators that access the mezzanine, balcony, and lower lobby levels are found on either side of the lobby.

Stairs are required to access the seating area on the Balcony level.
N/AN/AParking structures are cash-only.

– Liberty Square
– Maynard Street
– Fletcher Street: (Power Center structure)
– Palmer Drive
– Thayer Street
Wheelchair seating is available on the main floor and mezzanine levels of Hill Auditorium.

Wheelchair ramps are found on the east and west entrances, off South Thayer Street and Ingalls Mall.
Capacity: 3,530

Wheelchair spaces:
35 (main floor, mezzanine, & balcony)

Michigan League

Gender Inclusive & Accessible:
Floor 3 Room #343T
One public elevator.

North and south stairs goes to all floors, but the center stairs only goes to 2nd.
Floor 3 Room #347, can be used by breastfeeding moms.

Obtain the key from the convenience store on the first floor.​
You will be asked to leave an ID card at the desk until the key is returned.​
The room can be locked from the inside for privacy.
Michigan League Room 3rd floor, North End Room #347Metered parking is available on several streets surrounding the Michigan League.

The Maynard Street structure is open to the public. It is three blocks west of the League.
The Palmer Drive Parking Structure has visitor parking and is located off Washtenaw Ave.
Use building’s south entrance (facing N. University Ave. and the circle driveway)N/A

Michigan Union


Palmer Commons

Gender Inclusive & Accessible:
Floor 3
Room #3032T

Floor 1-6 Gendered Bathrooms
There are 4 elevators on the south and north side of the building with 3 sets of stairs on the north, south and central area of the building3rd floor of Palmer Commons, room 3034T. Contact the Information Desk on the 3rd floor with any questions at 734-615-4444.N/AParking Palmer Drive Structure

From Washtenaw Avenue, turn on Palmer Drive, proceed approximately 100 yards to the 2nd parking entrance on your left that is marked “Visitor Parking”
Ramp is on Zina Pitcher to the 3rd floor and plaza level.

The other ramp access is located in the dock area that leads up to the 1st floor entry doors but this area has a bit of a steep grade and might prove difficult if anyone has non propelled wheelchair.

The other ramp access to the building would be for guests to use the LSI or USB elevators to the plaza level and enter our building from this level.

Power Center

Gender Inclusive:
Floor 4
Room #407A

Floor 4 Gendered Bathroom
At Floor 4 entrance (from outside), head straight to the end of the hall (past the info desk), turn right through glass doors, turn right and the elevator is on the left.Moore Building, Green Room 1337 (primarily used for evening performances).

Nursing mothers need to coordinate with facilities to access the room, contact Mary-Alice Wiland, Facilities Manager, at Chart of Common Event Spaces or 734-764-6524
N/AParking structures are cash-only.

– Liberty Square
– Maynard Street
– Fletcher Street: (Power Center structure)
– Palmer Drive
– Thayer Street

From the parking structure, take the elevator to the box office level.

At Box Office level turn left. From the outside, a ramp is located near the Southwest entrance.
There are not power doors.


TBD Gender Inclusive:
Floor 1 Room #1514, Floor 3 Room #3132T & 3134T

Floor 0B-4 Gendered Bathrooms
Elevators for the upper level are found on either side of the lobby.Room 2521, West Wing/west end of building, 2nd floor.

Privacy Room with sink. Contact the Rackham Business Office at 647-5927.
N/AParking structures are cash-only.

– Liberty Square
– Maynard Street
– Fletcher Street: (Power Center structure)
– Palmer Drive
– Thayer Street
All seating in the auditorium is on the main floor with no stairs.

– There is a wheelchair ramp on the Washington Street side of the building.

Ross- Colloquium Room

Gender Inclusive:
Floor 0, 3, 4, 5, 6

Floor 0-6 Gendered Bathrooms
From the East entrance, make an immediate left to reach elevators.

From the Southwest entrance, follow hall straight, turn right to follow hall around to the elevators.
In Blau Hall at 700 East University, on the lower level in Room B0552, across from the elevators.

Access to the room requires registration by sending an email to [email protected].
Ross School of Business Room K1365Visitor parking is available via metered parking on the east (East University Street) and west sides (Tappan Ave.) of the building or the city of Ann Arbor’s Forest Avenue parking structure.Located at the East entrance near the Hill parking structure, the Southwest corner by Hill and Tappan, and the Northwest and Northeast corners of the building.

Trotter – Multipurpose Room

Gender Inclusive:
Floor 2 Room #1060 & Floor 3 Room #2060T
N/ASecond floor, room 2048T. Contact [email protected] with any questions.3rd Floor, top floor of buildingW5 Parking Structure located on 434 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USAN/A