At the University of Michigan, we are convinced that academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with diversity, inclusion and equity.

We are dedicated to DEI for it fosters the exchange and development of ideas; it promotes understanding across different identities, dispels racial stereotypes, and prepares our students to be leaders in the global marketplace and our increasingly multicultural society.

So, while we are facing challenges, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering a diverse educational environment for our students and scholars. We will treat each individual with deep respect and high dignity, elevating the distinct, ineffable potential of each person, no matter their background, color or belief. And we will persist, learning and building on our progress, striving to live up to our ideals of a broadly diverse learning community.

We will do all this and more, for doing so is essential to achieving our core mission of academic excellence.

Committed as we are, the results of our DEI 1.0 initiative showed that we still have much more to do. So as we build on that work of DEI 2.0, let us strive to nurture thoughtful and understanding citizens, and further establish campuses and communities where each individual can live in peace and safety, and can learn and grow and thrive. 

As we embark on the next stage of our DEI strategic plan, we will strengthen our institutional commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. 

This phase will feature more precise objectives, innovative ideas, increased investments, and more rigorous accountability measures —all developed in collaboration with our university community. We will continue to test new ideas, assess our progress, and have difficult conversations about challenging issues. We will continue to listen, and we will learn as we move forward —together. 

The many voices that have contributed to our diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan process are and will be essential to the quality, effectiveness, and sustained impacts of our efforts. I’m confident that this website will serve as one of many resources to assist our community in its DEI journey.


Santa J. Ono
University of Michigan