Strategic Plan

“When we introduced our Strategic Plan last year, we reinforced the idea that it was both a plan and a pledge that would guide our community… All of our collective efforts in this first year have helped to inform our programs and progress going forward…I am so grateful for all of you who are helping us strive to live up to our most cherished ideals.”

–Mark Schlissel, President

This initial year of plan implementation has seen significant progress, with new DEI initiatives being incorporated into many aspects of the university’s mission and operations. That progress has been documented in the Strategic Plan for DEI: Year One Progress Report, which was shared with the campus community on November 8, 2017, as part of the U-M’s annual Diversity Summit.

The Year One Progress Report provides detailed updates on each of the 34 major university actions, which range from the Campuswide Climate Survey on DEI to new first-generation student support initiatives, and from the creation of a K-12 outreach hub to the introduction of faculty workshops focused on inclusive teaching. It also includes a series of vignettes highlighting selected unit action items.

In addition, the Unit-Based Strategic Objectives and Action Items document provides a summary report on the nearly 2,000 action items that constitute the initial 49 unit plans.